Unparalleled Support

Calvert Program Manager

Support rooted in an established track record of service.

The Calvert support system is unlike any other. We make ourselves readily available to you so everyone can do the very best job possible, setting you up for success. At the same time, our complete and integrated approach to blended teaching has served thousands of students in the non-traditional classroom environment. The sum of the parts results in a big win for teachers – the true heroes in delivering subject mastery to the student population.

Calvert is committed to ensuring the success of your program and turbocharges teaching with four core support services: a program manager, educational counselors, teacher support services, and recruiting and enrollment services.

Dedicated Program Manager

When you partner with Calvert, you are assigned a dedicated Program Manager who covers every aspect of setting up and maintaining your online or blended learning program. Your Program Manager is available to serve as your single point of contact into Calvert if any questions arise that you or your teachers need immediate help with.

Educational Counselors

Highly trained and certified Educational Counselors are available to ensure your students never feel alone. Our Education Counselors provide support, alternative learning strategies, and practical advice to keep students engaged and on track. We will never allow students to fall behind or stagnate due to lack of support and care.

Student Recruitment Services

When one student is successful in a program, it’s only natural to want others to follow in their footsteps. Calvert can provide you with marketing and enrollment services from a team with years of experience attracting and enrolling students into non-traditional education programs.

Professional Development

Calvert provides teachers moving to the blended world with the on-going resources they need to stay out in front of their profession. With Calvert, teachers grow and learn just as students do. We train and support them to expand and enrich their e-learning skills, so they can most effectively oversee the education your students receive. The results: increased teacher satisfaction, higher teacher attraction, and a higher quality educational experience for students and families.

“The Calvert support staff is second to none and unlike other educational vendors, Calvert puts education and what is best for children first. The staff at Calvert are versed in education and can articulate in detail the scope and sequence of their product thoroughly detailing why children are asked to learn and master the essential objectives in each subject matter. The quality of materials, in combination with the staff, makes working with Calvert a valued experience for everyone in our school.”
Charles Heckel, Principal
Rural Virtual Academy

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