Flexible Solutions

Calvert is Flexible

At Calvert, we know one size does NOT fit all.

As Administrators, it’s important to recognize that every student has a different learning method, schedule, and abilities. Teachers, as well, have different needs, wishes and desires. Calvert recognizes this and offers complete flexibility for completion, which gives your institution credibility for serving your students as best as possible.

Calvert offers a range of flexible solutions for public, private and alternative schools. Whether you want to create a customized blended learning program, serve at-home students, or simply enroll students in individual courses, Calvert can help.

“Calvert Education provides students the opportunity to avail of flexible placement and, for students who experience difficulty in learning to read and spell, the multi-sensorial Verticy program is ideal. Thus, education can be individualized according to each student’s learning style or need. No wonder so many of our students… who have been accepted to prestigious universities worldwide attribute their success to the education that they received through the Calvert Education curriculum facilitated at our school.”
Joanne Prieto, Head of School
Casa Kalayaan International School

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